A Superhero's Third Birthday

A Superhero's Third Birthday

Meet Karlee. This adorable superhero loves all things pink and Minnie Mouse!

Karlee is currently undergoing treatment for leukemia. For her third birthday, which happened to be in the same week as Love Your Melon Day at the end of October, our Campus Crew at Northeastern University had the opportunity to give Karlee a special celebration full of her favorite things.

The Crew put together a third birthday party created especially for this smiley hero. Complete with a Minnie Mouse cake, notes for Karlee, Minnie Mouse ears for everyone and of course beanies, this party created a meaningful, positive experience for Karlee and her family.

As Karlee endures hospital visits, tests, treatments and check-ups, our hope is that she will remember her LYM birthday party and smile just as big as she did all day with the Crew. She is full of joy and hope, and we are so inspired by her.

Thank you for making Karlee’s birthday party possible, along with many other Superhero Adventures for incredible children like her. Your support helps to give beanies and smiles across the world!

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