Averie the Superhero

Averie the Superhero

Meet Averie, a two-year-old superhero! Averie has been through so much since her diagnosis of neuroblastoma at just 9 months old. Her family was shocked when they first learned about multiple tumors in her body, and she immediately began 8 rounds of chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, a bone marrow transplant, 12 rounds of radiation and 5 rounds of immunotherapy.

It is hard to wrap our minds around so much hardship and difficulty endured by this sweet little girl. She went through her treatments with so much resilience and positivity despite the pain and difficulties she experienced.

“Kids are stronger than we think and resilient beyond imaginable,” Averie’s mom, Cassie, said. “Despite all of this, she is a happy girl and keeps us smiling every day!”

We are so happy to share that Averie now has no evidence of disease! She will continue to be monitored with periodic scans and check-ups, but she is currently stable and can enjoy being a kid without harsh treatments.

Averie and her family are now sharing their story to encourage other families who are experiencing difficulties such as pediatric cancer. Cassie says she “would encourage other parents to be your kid’s advocate, and make the best of the good days and hold them tight through the bad days.”

Our hope is that we can bring comfort to children like Averie through our warm beanies and continue to fund innovative research that will find better treatments and cures. We’re so proud of this superhero and her family. Thank you for supporting children like Averie!

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