Bazz's Birthday Bash

Bazz's Birthday Bash

Meet Bazz, a superhero who was diagnosed with high-risk stage 3 neuroblastoma at 14 months old. Just two months after his first birthday, this warrior began intensive chemotherapy, surgery to remove his tumor, a bone marrow transplant, radiation and finally immunotherapy.

Bazz has endured more than any child should, and we are so amazed and inspired by his strength and resilience. His treatment lasted a little more than one year, until finally one day his family heard the words they had been waiting for: Bazz is cancer-free!

“He is a miracle, looking at all his scans,” his doctors said. “We didn’t think he would make it.”

But Bazz did make it, and recently our Campus Crew at Chico State University had the opportunity to throw him a birthday bash in celebration of him being cancer-free and in honor of his upcoming fourth birthday!

Bazz has never had his own birthday party because of all the time he spent in treatment during previous years. When our Crew Members learned this, they decided to make this the best birthday bash possible.

The party included a bounce house, gifts, cake, slime making, coloring, games and dinosaur costumes! Bazz loved every minute and was so thankful to have an entire party dedicated to him and his favorite things.

Celebrating our cancer-free superheroes is an incredible feeling, and your support makes it possible for more and more children to be cancer-free. Thank you for impacting so many children like Bazz.

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