Meet Delilah! She has a huge heart, a big smile and a passion for makeup and beauty. Her strength is so admirable throughout her battle with cancer, and we wanted to do something special to put a smile on her face and remind her how incredible she is.

Our Campus Crew at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas decided to host a special makeover and photoshoot for Delilah.

Delilah is beautiful inside and out and she has a talent for makeup. To start the adventure, she shared some of her tips and then received her own makeover from the Crew Members.

After the makeover, they had their own photoshoot for Delilah! They had a blast showing off their makeup with the props and poses. The best prop was a sign for Delilah to hold up, decorated with the word 'strong.'

'Strong' is the perfect word to describe Delilah. She is resilient, positive and continues to inspire those around her with her incredible spirit. We admire this superhero and her strength so much! It was an honor to spend a day with her and encourage her in the midst of her treatment. We’re cheering you on, Delilah!

Your support directly impacts many children like Delilah - thank you for joining the story and making a difference for these superheroes.

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