Our First Hospital Visit Since 2020

Our First Hospital Visit Since 2020

Over the last two years, hospitals have been closed to visitors due to the pandemic. That meant the Love Your Melon team couldn’t physically go into hospitals to hand out beanies to children and families battling cancer. In lieu of in-person hospital visits, we have been sending beanies directly to hospitals and our nonprofit partners to distribute to kids and families. For two years, we’ve eagerly awaited the day we could return to hospitals in person; there’s nothing like seeing the smile a beanie can bring. 

This past Friday, on July 22nd, that day finally came! Love Your Melon did our first in-person hospital visit in over 2 years at Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, NC! The child-life team at Levine Children's Hospital were ecstatic to have Love Your Melon for the day, and were even more excited to see the variety of colors, sizes, and beanie styles available for the kids.

LYM at Levine Children's Hospital 

We toured the children's oncology clinic with the beanie cart, and met with several superheroes who were receiving treatment that day. Each child chose their favorite beanie from the cart and immediately put it on! The way the kids' faces lit up when they put on their beanie was incredibly inspiring; it’s one of the reasons we continue to make the fight against pediatric cancer our priority. 

As hospitals begin to open up across the U.S., we hope that Love Your Melon will be able to continue to make in-person visits to bring joy where it’s needed most, and make an impact for kids and families battling cancer. We are so grateful for the continued partnerships and connections with child-life teams at children's hospitals nationwide who welcome Love Your Melon into their routine.

We couldn't have done this without your support! 


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