Your support for children all over the country allows us to give them beanies and fund cancer research. We also love being able to take some superheroes on special adventures!

Meet Georgie. We were able to throw a princess party to honor and celebrate this amazing little girl! Georgie is three years old and is battling Angiosarcoma, a rare form of liver cancer. Despite difficult treatment and the long wait for a liver transplant, this superhero fights with amazing strength and positivity. This week, we found out that Georgie is finally scheduled for a liver transplant next month!

Georgie’s princess party was a way to help her escape the day-to-day challenges of treatment and enjoy an experience created just for her! We gave her a princess outfit, decorated tiara-shaped cookies and crowns, and sang and danced the night away! She also received a surprise visit from Prince Charming, which made her day.

We love seeing the pure joy on the faces of children like Georgie - thank you for supporting these amazing children as they endure difficult cancer treatment with such amazing resilience.

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