In Our Bones: Sharing America's Marrow

In Our Bones: Sharing America's Marrow

Individuals battling cancer or other life-threatening blood or bone diseases often depend on finding a matching bone marrow donor who is willing to donate bone marrow to save their life. Our partner, Sharing America’s Marrow (S.A.M.), is helping more people to find that match!

S.A.M. is an organization founded by an incredible young woman, Sam, who is battling a terminal bone marrow disease and is waiting to find her life-saving bone marrow match. She, along with her sister and their best friend, decided to start a grassroots movement that finds regular people willing to become heroes by simply taking the time to swab their inner cheek and join the bone marrow donor registry to potentially donate to a patient in need.

We had the honor of partnering with S.A.M. to help fund a film that shares their mission and vision. The film they created, “In Our Bones,” premiered in July 2018.

In the film, the three girls embark on a journey to all 50 U.S. states to find a hero for Sam and for other patients needing transplants, and to raise awareness for the bone marrow registry. Throughout their journey, S.A.M. hosted 193 bone marrow donor registration events, signing up over 24,000 potential life-saving donors!

Because of your support, which helped to make this film possible, more and more people are joining the bone marrow registry. On the night the film premiered, 70 new people joined the donor registry, and more individuals continue to join with every film screening. Through this partnership, we are thrilled and honored to help more individuals find their life-saving match. Thank you for making this possible!

Learn more about the film here!

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