When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family is affected. Every family in this difficult situation needs support regardless of their socioeconomic status. This belief is at the core of Jacob’s Heart, an incredible organization dedicated to providing family-centered care for the emotional, practical and financial struggles of families and children battling cancer.


We had the honor of partnering with Jacob’s Heart to fund a special event called Camp Heart + Hands. This is a weekend-long camp for families of children battling cancer. This year, our funds made it possible for 31 children battling cancer and their family members to enjoy a full weekend of relaxation, fun and community with other families experiencing the difficulties of childhood cancer.

Throughout the weekend, there were endless activities for families to participate in, including campfire entertainment, hiking, swimming, arts and crafts, movies, dancing, yoga, sports, a carnival and more! Through these activities, families had the opportunity to not only get away from the day-to-day stresses of treatment, but also to connect with others who are experiencing the same hardship.

We partnered with Jacob’s Heart because we want more children and families to experience this carefree, encouraging and fun weekend alongside other families who can relate to their situation.

One woman at Camp Heart and Hands said, “to sit, talk, laugh, cry, and celebrate with other families who know what you're going through is a gift. Camp is an incredibly fun weekend for my kids, but an incredibly healing weekend for us as parents.”

We are honored to play a part in providing this wonderful experience for families battling cancer - and your support is what makes this possible! Thank you for caring for children and families battling pediatric cancer!

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