Jayden was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer called Retinoblastoma when he was just one year old. He immediately began high-dose chemotherapy in attempt to stop the cancer from spreading to his brain. Jayden and his family endured several months of pain and difficulty during the process of treatment. Eventually, he had one eye removed, and that year he received a prosthetic eye just in time for Christmas!

After six rounds of intense chemotherapy, Jayden became cancer free! Now, he has been stable for three years. He has regular check-ups for his eye to ensure stability, and he is now free to enjoy an active childhood just like any five-year-old boy should.

We heard Jayden’s incredible story and decided to celebrate with a Superhero Adventure! We met Jayden and his family at a small airport and watched a helicopter land in front of our group. Next, Jayden and his mother got to go on their own Cloud Ride! They toured the city, flying over lakes, a football stadium and most importantly the hospital where Jayden was treated. 

After the Cloud Ride, we continued with celebration with ice cream and some gifts from Jayden. His resilience and spirit inspire us, and it was such an honor to celebrate this superhero and his amazing family.

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