Ashleigh was just 19 years old when she was diagnosed with stage four osteosarcoma –a type of bone cancer. Battling an extremely aggressive cancer, Ashleigh and her family would spend days at the hospital hoping for the best possible outcome. Rather than allowing her perspective to be negative, Ashleigh’s brave instinct was to go into battle mode and do everything she could to beat the cancer and live life to the fullest.

“This journey has taught me to really enjoy to little things, the experiences you get. I don’t rely on material things to make me happy anymore. In fact, most of my money goes to experiences I will remember and that my friends and family will remember too.”

After a relapse in 2016, Ashleigh continues to bravely battle cancer. She had made a list of all the things she wishes to do to continue making memories. Her list includes going to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, touring cities around the U.S. and Europe, attending concerts and NASCAR races,and more.

Ashleigh’s hope for the future of cancer is a hope that one of our partners, CureSearch for Children's Cancer, fights for every day. That hope is to end childhood cancer. She also hopes that children fighting cancer will receive less-toxic treatments so their side effects are minimized.

“I really want the public to realize that there are so many children of all ages who get cancer.Childhood cancer only gets a small fraction of government research money as well. Four percent compared to the 96% of adult cancers.”

Cancer-fighting superheroes like Ashleigh are the inspiration behind our support for partners such as CureSearch. Through their innovative, game-changing research strategy called the Catapult Strategy, they fight to break down existing barriers in the industry to accelerate less-toxic treatments and cures for children.

CureSearch’s goal is to not only fund research, but to see that research through all the way to patient impact. They push forward promising oncology research into clinical trials and the marketplace soless-toxic, life-saving treatments can reach children now.

We are proud to partner with CureSearch as they fight for the production of less-toxic treatments so cures can reach patients, giving children like Ashleigh the chance to live long, healthy and productive lives. Learn more about our nonprofit partners here!

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