Since 2016, Love Your Melon has helped grant more than 25 wishes through Make-A-Wish in Colorado, Illinois, Greater Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and Minnesota. Make-A-Wish is making children’s dreams come true, and we are honored to be a part of it! This is one story of a child's wish coming true.

Julieta is 14 years old and loves to learn about space. In 2015, Julieta was diagnosed with cancer. Her world was turned upside down, but the happy 14-year-old always keeps a smile on her face.

When Julieta was referred to Make-A-Wish Illinois, she wished to have her bedroom transformed into a whimsical world beyond the stars. As she continued to battle her critical illness, imagining her new room gave her something out of this world to look forward to!

As Julieta walked into her new room, it was like stepping into another galaxy. A colorful mural surrounded her bed, and planets and stars covered her ceiling! After years of doctors’ appointments and long hospital stays, Julieta could not wait to explore the universe from the comfort of her bed. Julieta’s wish brought her an escape from the fear and stress of cancer. Though Julieta continues to heal, the hope, strength, and joy she gained from her wish will allow her to pursue her dreams and reach for the stars!

Now, as she stares up at her ceiling, Julieta feels like she was looking into the night sky. Julieta’s beautiful bedroom gives a whole new meaning to “sleeping under the stars.” For the young girl who loves to learn about space, this “wish room” is a dream come true.

Because of your support, we are able to partner with incredible organizations like Make-A-Wish to help make awe-inspiring wishes come true for children like Julieta. Thank you! Learn more about Make-A-Wish here.

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