When a child is in the hospital, fun gifts and positive experiences can provide encouragement as well as an escape from the difficulties of treatment. We are proud to partner with organizations that provide these children with positive experiences, like Mikey’s Way Foundation!

Mikey’s Way Foundation is an organization that helps children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses connect to their family, friends, and school by gifting patients laptop computers, tablets and other internet-ready electronics. The gifts are hand-delivered, providing a fun and uplifting memory for children and their families!

Our partnership with Mikey’s Way has provided $5,000 to give several more children amazing gifts to support them throughout treatment. This week, we teamed up with our friends at Mikey’s Way to personally deliver beanies and electronics to some amazing superheroes at the hospital.

These children had a chance to choose their favorite from a wide range of electronics - everything from gaming devices to laptop computers to tablets. It was amazing to see the children’s faces light up with joy at the surprise and generosity of their very own electronic gift from Mikey’s Way. As we left, their smiles remained as they looked forward to playing with their new devices!

These electronics are helpful in many ways. They not only give children a huge smile and a fun pastime, but also help children to connect with friends or school work during their hospital stay. Your support allows this partnership to brighten more children’s days. Thank you for making this possible!

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