We recently released our brand new children's book, and over the past few weeks it has been amazing to see children at hospitals all over the country hear the story, get to know the characters and relate the uplifting story to their own journey through the difficulties of cancer treatment. In case you haven't heard the story, we wanted to share a little background with you about why and how we created our first-ever children's book.  


The idea for a children's book originally stemmed from an opportunity we saw within our Campus Crew Program. We have Campus Crew Members all across the country who dress up as superheroes and deliver beanies to children in hospitals. As we watched children light up when superheroes came to visit them, the realization hit us - this would be even more meaningful if the superheroes had names, characters and stories! Soon afterward, The Adventures of the SuperCrew began.

We spent months creating a thoughtful story that would serve as an analogy for children to apply to the difficult things in their lives. The characters were intentionally chosen to reflect distinct positive qualities that a child might need when enduring something like pediatric cancer treatment. We wrote, re-wrote, brainstormed and planned, and finally the story was brought to life with the help of our incredible illustrator, Michael Putman.

As a result, we were able to publish a fun, encouraging story about four friends, each with unique characteristics, who work together using their powers of strength, security, positivity and healing to overcome obstacles and save their city.

Our hope is that children will be encouraged and empowered by the story. Our goal is to make a difference for each and every child battling cancer in America - and we see this children's book as another way to create a therapeutic experience and put a smile on a child's face. Every hospital that we currently work with will receive five copies of this children's book, so that children can hear the story and know the characters when Crew Members visit.

Interested in hearing the story? You can read or download the free e-book or purchase the book at our website. As with all Love Your Melon products, fifty percent of the profit from sales goes to our nonprofit partners in the fight against pediatric cancer.

Thank you for your support, which makes it possible to impact these incredible children! Together, we will continue the fight against pediatric cancer.

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