Beat Childhood Cancer

Beat Childhood Cancer Foundation funds novel research and innovative clinical trials utilizing precision medicine to target solid tumor cancers in children. The organization's goal is to create viable treatment options for kids TODAY to increase survival and decrease toxicity. 

Love Your Melon is proud to have supported Beat Childhood Cancer with a total of $718,501 since 2019. Supporting the efforts of Beat Childhood Cancer, Love Your Melon has helped to bring the drug DFMO through clinical trials to FDA approval. Neuroblastoma has a high rate of reoccurrence and DFMO is aimed to keep kids disease-free allowing them to survive and thrive. 

At the end of 2022, we gave $80,000 to support Beat Childhood Cancer's clinical patient support at all 50+ Consortium hospitals along with expanded lab research on DFMO and other drugs targeting solid tumor cancers in children. Our funding will be split between the In:Formation Project and preclinical/clinical research. The IN:Formation Project uses advanced genomic sequencing to reveal the mechanics, drivers, and targets in your child's unique tumor. When you participate, this information doesn't just sit in a research database, it can be actively used to find an alternative treatment option for your child, should they need it.

Years Given: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022



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