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Undergoing medical treatment can often be a scary and isolating experience, especially for kids. Gamers Outreach is an organization that helps aid that healing process by providing mobile video game cards called GO Karts in hospitals for children and families to use. Through the power of gaming, they are helping kids cope with their time in the hospital. 

In 2019, Love Your Melon supported Gamers Outreach through 2020 with $100,000, which funded 28 GO Karts that will be placed in pediatric cancer hospitals across the country. This also covers the cost of servicing to keep them operational so kids can have fun playing the games they love. 

At the end of 2020, we donated 10 beanie giving machines to Gamers Outreach to upgrade to include video games and toys. These machines will be called “Save Points,” and will be available in 10 hospitals across the United States. When a child is finished with their visit, Save Point‘s will exist to distribute, beanies, toys and games to them.

Our gift this year of $50,000 will also directly fund the Save Points Program. We are honored to be able to help with important therapeutic experiences like this, and bring even more joy and smiles to children battling cancer through this program.

Years Given: 2019, 2020



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