Our Wholesale Program offers some of our most popular products available exclusively to approved wholesalers to sell in their retail locations. Minimum order of 25 units. Ships within two weeks.


  • Sell Beanies and Cuffed Beanies AND CAPS for $30.00 retail minimum

  • Sell Pom Beanies for $45.00 retail minimum

  • Sell Headbands for $20.00 retail minimum

  • No online sales

  • No discounting products

  • Minimum of 25 units per order

  • Minimum of 5 units per sku

  • All products come in incriments of FIVE units

  • Pay 100% of Invoice upon Ordering


  • Products will ship within two weeks of ordering

  • No territory restrictions

  • U.S. orders ship via UPS Ground. Freight charges apply and will be added to invoice upon processing. Please provide any special shipping instructions or guidelines at the time the order is placed.

  • No exchanges

  • Orders will come with promotional materials

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