Dakota is battling B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). At only three years old, she has endured a lot of difficulty for a child. When our Campus Crew at the University of Central Florida heard about Dakota, they decided they wanted to do something special to put a big smile on her face.

The Crew rented a pavilion at a local park to host a princess-themed tea party just for Dakota! Dakota’s friends and family came along, and she dressed in her best princess dress for the party.

When Dakota saw Rapunzel and Jasmine coming to join them for the party, she ran out to greet them!

Elsa also joined the tea party, and Dakota was in awe of all of these princesses. Throughout the tea party, the group played with bubbles, play dough and ran around on the playground.

They also had tea and cake, and Queen Elsa named Dakota the “Honorary Princess of Arendelle!” That definitely put a big smile on Dakota’s face.  

Dakota is a warrior and we are inspired by her incredible positivity throughout her battle with cancer. Thank you for supporting children like princess Dakota and helping to make their day brighter in the midst of pediatric cancer treatment.

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