We had an incredible season of Love Your Melon Game Nights, and we couldn’t have done it without you! Because of your support, we were able to partner with 31 teams during the 2017-2018 sports season. We also brought over 250 families to these Game Nights to create a memorable experience for them during treatment!

Love Your Melon Game Nights were created to bring local communities together, raise awareness for pediatric cancer, provide great products for Love Your Melon fans and supporters and create a memorable experience for children and families battling cancer. Families who attend our Game Nights receive tickets for a fun evening in the midst of treatment for pediatric cancer.

Game Nights also often include a local hospital visit from the team’s players, mascot or coaches to deliver Game Night Beanies to superheroes undergoing treatment! Children staying in the hospital feel so special and encouraged when they receive a visit from their favorite team.

Since Game Nights began in 2015, we have hosted over 50 Game Nights with over 30 professional sports teams in the NHL, NFL, MLS and NBA.

This has allowed more than 350 families battling pediatric cancer across the country to enjoy a Love Your Melon Game Night experience.

We can’t wait to keep bringing warm hats and fun experiences to sports teams all across the country. Where would you like to see a Love Your Melon Game Night next season?

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