Love Your Melon Face Masks

Love Your Melon Face Masks

Our team members have been devoting their time and effort helping healthcare systems by providing ideas and sourcing items locally and internationally over the past few weeks. Though our supply chain is unable to make the much needed medical grade protective wear in the US at this time, we are able to utilize our domestic manufacturing network to make other things, such as cotton face masks, that hospitals and care facilities are asking for.

These masks, made in both kids and adult sizes, will provide comfort and security while serving as an additional line of defense to airborne droplets. Made with a tightly woven cotton fabric on both sides, these masks will provide the best protection they can and allow them to be machine washable and reusable. We will continue to improve the masks as we source new materials and come up with additional ideas. Our initial goal is to make 50,000 masks over the next two weeks to donate directly to children’s hospitals, care facilities and nonprofit organizations across the country for children battling cancer and their families to wear.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and what the medical community is asking for. If things change and these cotton face masks or any other items we can make are needed by frontline health care providers, we will transition the program to get them to where they are needed most.

If you are a team member at a children’s hospital, care facility, or a nonprofit organization working with children battling cancer and their families, please visit the link here to request masks.

This wouldn’t be possible without our manufacturing partners. Thank you to Minnesota Knitting Mills, Softline Brand Partners, Bluegrass, Maine Heritage Weavers, Authenticity50, Vomela and Carr Textile for their help in producing these masks for children battling cancer and their families who are especially at risk during this crisis.

We understand that there will be consumer demand for our masks. Once we finish the initial 50,000 masks we are able to donate and have fulfilled any further demand that the medical community has beyond that, then we will look at producing additional face masks to sell to the public.

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