Love Your Melon Sponsors First Virginia Beach Climb for Courage

Love Your Melon Sponsors First Virginia Beach Climb for Courage

After two years, it finally happened! Our non-profit partner, One Summit, held their 19th Climb for Courage Event in Virginia Beach, sponsored by Love Your Melon! Originally scheduled for July 2020, this event was continually postponed due to the pandemic, but it was more than worth the wait. Love Your Melon has partnered with One Summit since 2016, providing $75,000 in funding – and of course, lots of beanies – to help them pursue their mission: to build resilience in kids battling cancer through experiential learning with Navy SEALs, storytelling, and community engagement. We’re proud to play a part in their story!

One Summit provides experiential learning in the form of indoor rock climbing at Climb for Courage. Kids battling cancer are paired with a Navy SEAL mentor, who helps inspire resilience and hope through adventure. These fun challenges empower children with the courage they need to face adversity. Kids build a long-lasting bond with their mentor, who becomes a source of support and ongoing encouragement in their battle against cancer.

The inaugural Virginia Beach climb was a day to remember – for the kids, mentors, families, and One Summit staff. The following quotes from attendees help sum up just how impactful this event was:

I was nervous before but happy now because I faced my fear. This is the best day ever because I have never been to a place like this before!  – Little Warrior

My most memorable moment was watching the kids that were reserved when we first met them become very relaxed and talkative by the end of the day. Watching them have that much fun and accomplish so much in a short time was incredible.  – Navy SEAL Mentor

We haven't had fun like that in a while. It was much needed.  – Parent

“Our team is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate again with the Love Your Melon team to share our like-minded missions and continue the fight against pediatric cancer. It was a joy to see our little warriors and their Navy SEAL mentors in the climbing gym adorned with their Love Your Melon beanies. In our minds, the beanie doesn't only represent the warmth and love that comes from our incredible partnership with LYM - but hope for the future of this collective community of warriors.” Diane Lynch, Executive Director of One Summit

This event was beyond worth the wait, and we at Love Your Melon couldn’t be prouder to partner with One Summit! If you’d like to learn more about One Summit, make sure to visit their website. You can also keep track of the LYM and One Summit partnership on our partner page. 


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