We're just getting started on our third year of Love Your Melon Game Nights with professional sports teams - and it is going to be our best year yet!

Love Your Melon Game Nights are partnerships with professional sports teams to provide a night of fun for sports fans and for children battling cancer. These special events allow fans to purchase tickets under the Game Night promotion and with each ticket they receive a Love Your Melon Beanie! Sports teams can get involved by creating a co-branded beanie custom-made with the team logo and colors.

One of the best parts of a Game Night partnership is the Hospital Giving Event with the team - before the game, atheletes and mascots visit local hospitals to deliver beanies to children battling cancer. Children always light up when they get to meet their sports heroes, and athletes love to support these amazing kids.

In addition to the Hospital Visits, we love to bring children for a night away from the hospital to experience the Game Night with their friends and families! These children have often been in the hospital and in treatment for extended periods of time. Game Nights provide a fun environment where these children can relax, have fun and forget the stresses of treatment at an event created to celebrate and honor them.

This year, fans all across the country can look forward to a Love Your Melon Game Night with teams including the Chicago White Sox, the Minnesota Twins, the Minnesota United, the Minnesota Wild, the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Detriot Pistons, the Kansas City Royals, the Detroit Red Wings, the Cincinatti Redsand many more! Stay tuned for announcements to see if a Game Night is coming to your city and learn when tickets go on sale.

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