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Nathalia's Story

This is Nathalia, our friend and superhero, who has been a part of the Love Your Melon family since her journey began. Nat was diagnosed at age 12 with Osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. Nat has been an inspiration for our team and everyone that she’s met.

We’ve had the pleasure of being surrounded by Nat’s bubbly and contagious personality. Nat is creative and artistic and enjoys art projects during her spare time as well as drawing fashion sketches. In an incredible act of selflessness, Nat handmade mini yarn beanies for our team at Love Your Melon. These have served as inspiration for us, reminding us of Nat’s determination and creativity even through the toughest time imaginable for a teenager.

Over these next few weeks, we want to show Nat how much the Love Your Melon community supports her and we need your help to make as many of these mini beanies as possible for her.

Beanies for Nat

#BeaniesForNat is an expression of our gratitude and honors her creative passion. Nathalia holds a special place in our hearts and we encourage the rest of the Love Your Melon family to help us support her in her fight against this horrible disease. All beanies sent in will be made into an art piece for Nat and her family.

Thank you for your support and for joining the story.

Use these hashtags on Facebook or Instagram to share your creative process of making your mini beanies and tag us and your friends so we can spread this movement and inspire others.
#BeaniesForNat #LoveYourMelon

Supplies You'll Need

  • paper rolls (toilet paper roll, kitchen towel rolls, etc.)

  • yarn in many colors - we recommend a worsted weight acrylic yarn

  • scissors

  • tissue paper

Step 1:

Start by cutting the yarn into threads - you’ll need plenty of long threads of equal length. We recommend cutting to lengths of 8” for your yarn, and then cutting your paper roll to between 0.75” and 1” in height.

Step 2:

“Fold” the yarn threads in half and push the looped side through the paper roll. Fold the two loose ends over the other side of the paper roll and thread into the loop. Pull tight into a knot.

Step 3:

Repeat this step until the entire paper roll is covered with these looped yarns. Once complete, you will have to push all the yarns inside the paper roll. We recommend twisting the yarns together, and pushing through - see diagrams for reference.

Step 4:

Roll a piece of tissue paper into a ball and stuff into the “beanie.” This will help you get the perfect hat shape and keep the yarn in place.

Step 5:

Using a separate thread, tie a tight knot around the top of the threads to create the pom beanie. Trim the pom at the top using your scissors to round it out.

We appreciate your support for Love Your Melon, and for taking a part in #BeaniesForNat

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