Hopecam mission is to overcome the social isolation experienced by children with cancer by virtually connecting them with their family, friends and classmates. To make these connections, we provide tablets, laptops, WIFI access, and Hopecam resources at no cost to families.

COVID-19 caused a widespread switch from in-person medical visits and classes to virtual ones. Children and families battling cancer now depend on their tablets, chromebooks and Wi-Fi hotspots for telehealth, and communicating with their friends, family, school, and even medical teams.

In 2020, we gave $25,000 to Hopecam to directly support the purchase of these technologies so that they can continue to virtually connect their Superheroes with the people they need most. Our gift also funded resources and equipment for schools to be able to broadcast classes and enabled the children to receive their education and learning without barriers. In 2021, our funding of $10,000 supported the  2022 "Champions of Hope" initiative, which allowed Hopecam to expand into new communities and serve more children with cancer at a time when they need connectivity more than ever. 

In celebration of Hopecam’s 20th Anniversary, Love Your Melon’s 2022 support of $10,000 will help change that trajectory by virtually connecting kids with their world. Hopecam helps kids feel more supported and less depressed through the power of connection.

Years Given: 2020, 2021, 2022



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