CureSearch for Children's Cancer is a national nonprofit dedicated to making sure there are better, less toxic treatments available to every child diagnosed with cancer. CureSearch is currently working on an aggressive research pipeline that will fund pediatric research grants and clinical trials that have a high chance of becoming successful children's cancer treatments.

Love Your Melon is proud to have worked alongside CureSearch in support of accelerating leading pediatric cancer research. At the end of 2020, Love Your Melon gave $100,000 to CureSearch for Children's Cancer to directly fund Dr. Sayour's innovative new two-year project, which would be the most exciting pediatric brain cancer research in decades. If successful, it can significantly impact the treatment of not only primary high-grade gliomas, which are brain and spinal cord tumors, but also many other types of solid tumors. For pediatric cancer, this could mean a new viable treatment option with limited side effects for as many as 10,000 children diagnosed each year in the U.S.

In past years, we have given $732,867 to support two primary programs: Dr. Davis’ Research on acute lymphoblastic leukemia and the Catapult Project, which helps move research studies out of the lab and into trials.

Years Given: 2015, 2016, 2020



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